Finally: harmless nano particles mosquito control.

Science journals are describing the dramatic improvement in TVs, computers, and medicine made possible by nano technology.

Adding to the excitement is the possible elimination of mosquito-caused illnesses using harmless (to humans and animals) plant-sourced nano particles.

For adult and flying mosquitos, observed death is nearly instantaneous.

Nano particle research by Nirma University, India documented that a .03% solution killed 99% larvae in 24 hours. The 1% that survived and hatched had no wings. In open field trials, a .05% solution achieved a 100% kill.

Documented as “harmless to human and animal cellular DNA,” (genotoxicity free) nano particles are deadly to mosquitos. Rather than attack the nervous systems of insects, humans, and animals, the tiny nano particles penetrate and dissolve the protective envelopes protecting the insects’ cells. The cell disintegrates. Death is imminent.

Florida registration as a Mosquito Control is being processed. In the interim, the solution is labeled Purely Green Bio-Pesticide.