Nano Technology vs. Deet

CLICK TO VIEW ENTIRE STUDY: Computational studies of Herbal Nano Particles.


  1. Herbal Nano particle-based computational docking and simulation studies against mosquito proteins showed it can work as Repellent and Mosquitocidal both.
  2. Docking studies were also performed against Sodium Ion Channel (standard biological target) of all 3 species of mosquito, that showed wonderful interaction profile, proving the powerful mosquitocidal activity of the herbal nano particles compared to standard.
  3. DEET has been the best Mosquito Repellent so far. But, this data shows that this herbal based nano molecules shows better molecular interactions profile compared to DEET at each of the mosquito developmental stages.
  4. In addition to that, being herbal by nature, these molecules won’t be harmful or environmental pollutant, showing its potentiality to work in the market.