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Bio Pesticide
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Humanity's Devastating Health Hazard

One of the most alarming health hazards threatening humanity is our saturation with toxic pesticides. Pesticides are essential, else insects would over run the planet and consume or destroy our food supply. However, ordinary pesticides are genotoxic, and mutagenic, meaning they attack our cellular DNA, deteriorating cellular structure, inducing birth deformities, fetal death, cancer and mental deficiencies. Millions of pounds are being sprayed daily into millions of homes, offices plus millions of acres of gardens and farms. Shockingly, per the EPA, 1,296,000,000 pounds of toxic insecticides and fungicides are being sprayed each year! Planet Earth is saturated.

In The Air

We cannot avoid breathing them.

In Our Water

We cannot avoid drinking them.

In Our Soil

Plants are forced to absorb them.

In Our Food

We cannot avoid consuming them.

Why Pesticides?

Farmers spray our crops. Our food supply contains toxic carcinogens. They are absorbed into our vegetables, fruit and grains. We ingested them with our last meal. They are now in our cells causing mutations that lead to multiple debilitative health problems, physical degeneration, fatigue and premature death.

The poisons run into our water. Our drinking water contains and we drink trace amounts of cancer-causing pesticides. Fetuses are exposed, causing life time physical and mental abnormalities. Physically deformed and mentally handicapped babies are born with little chance of a successful life.

Our air is saturated. Our breath delivers toxic mutagens into our brains. They mutate and distort our neurons causing “neurobehavioral alterations,” meaning mental retardation, poor judgement, irrational thought and inability to absorb and process knowledge. We cannot escape.

Toxic pesticides present one of the biggest, if not the biggest and most devastating health hazards facing humanity.

The consequences go on and on. For more vital and more detailed self-education click on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_effects_of_pesticides

Even many “organic” pesticides are debilitating. They employ “natural” neurological ingredients that attack our bodies and nervous systems while attacking the target insects.

The Safer Solution: PurelyGreen BioPesticide

Fortunately, we now have a new, safer solution. At this date, 44 states have approved a new bio-pesticide with ingredients clinically tested and documented as Genotoxicity Free, and Mutagen Free meaning harmless to human and animal cellular DNA. An internet search discloses no other pesticide that meets these health standards.

Knowledgeable observers are describing it as an essential Gift to Humanity. Not only is it safer for humans and animals, it has been observed safer for honey bees and beneficial insects. It is now available to replace 1,296,000,000 pounds of hazardous pesticides.

The gift is Purely Green Bio-Pesticide available from 1st EnviroSafety, Inc. Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is different. It is made possible by the new science of nano technology. It does NOT attack the nervous systems of insects, humans and animals. Rather it penetrates the insect and dissolves the protective coating (“chitin”) of negative insect cells. The insect has no defense. Purely Green Bio-Pesticide ingredients are clinically documented as harmless to human and animal cells, i.e., Genotoxicity Free and Mutagen Free.

It is a broad-spectrum pesticide, meaning that is effective against most negative insects, so it can replace most toxic pesticides in your home, office and on your farm. One vegetable grower replaced 11 toxic pesticides.

It is safer for your family, employees, livestock and pets. It does not inject cancer-causing chemicals into our food or water. Nor does it harm our brain cells when we breathe.

Our Quest

To benefit individuals, their families, pets and all of humanity by replacing millions of pounds of debilitating pesticides with a single safer alternative. Fortunately, Purely Green Bio-Pesticide, the safer solution, costs much less than most debilitating pesticides. For details, call 239-283-1222.

For Ready-to-Spray bulk sales, Please Call:


9AM - 5PM EST, Weekdays