I recently purchased a gallon of your Purely Green. We are thrilled with the results and I just wanted to let you know in case Our experience might be of use to you. The reason for our purchase was the problem we have had for several years with a worsening case of a fungus, Volutella pachysandra, on our pachysandra plantings. (We have a long driveway that is lined with this plant.) We have tried several fungicides and also copper, which is extremely caustic and dangerous to use. Our results were minimal at best. The fungus continued to spread and destroy more and more of our plants.

So far this spring we have used your solution to wash the plantings three times. The results are very exciting. Plants which in the past would have been lost now are sending forth new growth! Weak plants now look much healthier. Healthy plants now look like they have been given a wonder drug.

We also applied it to all of our other plants. The results are once again beyond any expectations we may have had. Plants that have just sort of hung on while we battled fungus are now standing up strong and prospering.

Again, it is like an analogy of a terminally sick patient having been given a wonder drug.

Finally, we have also been fighting whiteflies and leaf miners. They are nowhere to be seen after a few applications!

You have a very successful product that is just begging to be sold as a gardener’s wonder drug.

Wishing you much success,

David Weiner