General Application

Instructions for Crops

Purely Green Bio-Pesticide can be applied in multiple ways. Three examples:

  1. Systemic - applying to the roots and surrounding soil

  2. Foliar - spraying directly on the target insect, and leaves/limbs

  3. Bathing - bathe affected animals in solution or apply with cloth


Drenching the roots and surrounding soil of trees and bushes can provide longer lasting treatments. The solution is absorbed and travels in the sap and into the leaves. When ingested by the insect, it dies. Drenching the soil prior to planting is suggested for reducing insects.


Application of Purely Green Bio-Pesticide helps control multiple insects on multiple crops, plus foliage and ornamental plants, and flowers around commercial buildings and residential buildings, and in recreational areas like golf courses and parks.

Use this product at juvenile stages of development and prior to the development of a large population of pests. Spray uniformly covering the entire leaf structure and limbs. Repeat as necessary.

For optimum results, three foliar applications are suggested at intervals based on the target insect’s reproductive cycle. The specific insect’s reproductive cycle may often be found on Google and Wikipedia.



For dairies and stables, spray a fine mist. For cattle gates, wash the cattle generously.


Owners of small pets report good results from immersing pets into bath water. Dead fleas and ticks float to the surface. Cats dislike water, so owners soak a bath cloth with Purely Green Bio-Pesticide and wipe or wrap the cat. Avoid eyes.

Purely Green Bio-Pesticide: A Safer way to Protect Farm Profits


Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is a new broad-spectrum insecticide, fungicide, miticide proven highly effective against insects ranging from household fleas, flies, mosquitoes and wasps, to a multitude of crop destroying insects, fungi, spores and nematodes, yet safer for honey bees and beneficial insects. It leaves NO toxic residue. Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is a natural plant-based liquid solution comprised of trillions of tiny nano sized particles that easily penetrates and eliminates pests in multiple ways.

It offers five highly effective modes of action:

  1. It easily penetrates most soft bodied targets such as aphids, fungi, mealy bugs, nematodes, powdery mildew, and spores. It dissolves their protective cellular chitin, resulting in death. Insects can offer no resistance.
  2. For insects such as fleas, grasshoppers and hard-shelled beetles, it penetrates and dries the lubrication of their exoskeleton joints. The crippled insect dies of starvation.
  3. Purely Green incapacitates flying insects like white flies, mosquitoes, wasps, etc. by penetrating and dissolving the waxy coating of the insects’ wings. It also dries and paralyzes the exoskeleton wing connection to the body.
  4. Suffocation. The tiny particles enter via the insect’s spiracles and dissolve the protective chitin of the tracheae. The insect dies of oxygen starvation.
  5. For sucking insects such as leaf hoppers, scale, spider mites, stink bugs, thrips, etc., it dissolves the insect’s digestive system. It can be applied foliar or systemically by soaking the plant roots. The plant absorbs and transmits Purely Green to the leaves where it is ingested by the insect. When ingested, Purely Green dissolves the cellular structure of the bug’s digestive system.

The combination of multiple modes of action leaves little or no chance of insect survival.

It is most common for death to occur within minutes of application in many insects, however with some of the hardier bugs, it may take several days. Buried eggs may survive; therefore, repeat applications should be applied based on the reproductive cycle of the pest. Generally, three applications significantly reduce pest populations until more arrive from neighboring farms. Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is comprised primarily of ingredients processed from natural plants. It is “Readily Biodegradable” per U.S. EPA standards. It is documented mutagen and genotoxicity free, i.e., harmless to human and animal DNA. It is a certified carcinogen-free solution. It exposes neither people nor animals to cancer-causing chemicals, nor adds carcinogens into our air, water, or food supply.

Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is the new, safer replacement for hazardous pesticides. With Purely Green, farmers and home gardeners can produce healthier, insect and toxic free food at costs significantly less than most toxic-chemicals.

Welcome to our new, safer Purely Green planet.